ASP Legal can assist with all your leasing requirements.

Acting for Landlords

We promptly prepare leases to your instructions and liaise with the managing real estate to confirm the details of the leasing advices are complete. It is essential that the Lease of your property is prepared correctly to ensure that your interests are protected. We prepare both commercial and retail leases.

Acting for Tenants

We review the lease that has been submitted to you before you enter into it to ensure all the matters that are relevant to you have been included and you fully understand your rights and obligations and those of the landlord. It is essential that you have the lease checked by a solicitor prior to entering into it. If the lease is incorrect and you have entered into it, this could have serious implications upon you.


We can provide Retail Leases Act Certificates if required. Lease disputes In many cases, the best action is to negotiate a resolution of the dispute as this will reduce likely legal costs and the time taken in finalizing matters through court and tribunal processes. For any leasing dispute, you should contact us to discuss the matter and determine the best possible resolution.